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At such a vulnerable time in one’s life, it is a must to have a divorce lawyer that is reliable and experienced. With us, the process becomes smooth and expedient. Easy application for divorce in 3 simple steps.

1. Consultation: Connect with us by calling the given number for consultation
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Looking to Get a Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi? Quick, Easy, and Affordable
Being married to a person who is not right for you is worse than being unmarried. As much as we like to deny it, divorce in a society is inevitable. Get trust-worthy lawyers to make your case strong and unshakable. Be it contested divorce, child custody, domestic violence, or mutual separation; we make your journey in this painful time easy and quick. With expert lawyers such as Adv. A. Shokeen who are also affordable, you need nothing or no one else at your side! Just the law and a reliable Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi.
At  Adv. Arman Shokeen makes sure that each process is quick but accurate. Such processes require careful steps which only an expert can guide you on. We aim to serve people at the most effective costs and ensure 100% results. The first consultation is free of cost so connect with us now!

Our Services: A One-Stop Solution for All Things Legal
With 2 regional offices across the nation and 450+ solved cases, we ensure that all our clients stay happy and also live better lives in the future. Our clients have availed various services that we provide over the course of time. Not to say, all have been satisfied and are still in contact for day-to-day legal advice that might come up.
Following are the most popular services we provide:
• Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi
• Divorce Settlement
• Child Custody in Case of Divorce
• Financial Settlement
• Maintenance: 125 CRPC
• Criminal Case for Cruelty: 498A

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Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

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Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is an extreme step in any marriage as it is a legal decision to terminate the marriage agreement. If it will be mutually then it will be less painful and time-saving as both parties will agree at one point to separate. But if it is contested then it will be a much more painful and emotionally drenching process at that time you need expert legal service which we are providing with our best service to serve you with less pain and a huddle-free legal procedure. Our experienced team makes sure to reduce your stress for paperwork and guides you throughout legal procedures with the outcome that best results for you.

Divorce Settlement

A divorce settlement agreement is the most important part of the divorce procedure as spouses are deals with many issues regarding their settlement of financial balance and movable and immovable assets and properties after a divorce and it shouldn’t be taken casually, especially for non-working women with dependent children. Our experienced legal team with legal knowledge always fights for your best.

Divorce and Children

In a divorce case, child custody, and visitation rights are key issues that must be addressed. You may need to make decisions as to how your child will be raised and whether your child will live primarily with you, or in joint custody. Each parent wants their child to be on his/her side so they have the right to claim child custody and should fight for it. the course couldn't grant only emotions but evaluate financial security as well as parenting skill that one the most important for children's upbrings. Because in this divorce process children are suffering an incurable loss of parents. Our expert team with their deep knowledge of legal procedures will fight for you to grant child custody to you by the court.

Divorce and Finance

A clear financial contract is possible only when the divorcing partners are open and transparent with each other. Our divorce specialists along with a financial planner assess your situation, estimate financial demands and plan the contract volume to save from duties effectively. We make sensible possible assessment consequences and advice whether you should take monthly alimony or a lump sum. In some cases, whether you should keep the house or sell it. We deliver sound and practical advice that helps your situation.

125 CRPC

Section 125 of CRPC – Order for maintenance of wives, children, and parents Section 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure provides for a fast, efficacious, and relatively inexpensive remedy against persons who neglect or refuse to maintain their dependent parents, children, and wives. Though the subject matter of these provisions is civil in nature, the primary justification for their inclusion in the Code is that the remedy provided is quick and economical. Under this provision, if any person who has sufficient means and neglects or refuses to maintain: his wife, his legitimate or illegitimate minor child (whether married or not), his legitimate or illegitimate major children(not being a married daughter) who by reason of any mental or physical abnormality or injury. his father or mother


498A IPC states10 - “Husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty.—Whoever, being the husband or the relative of the husband of a woman, subjects such woman to cruelty shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and shall also be liable to fine. Sec 498A IPC is cognizable, non-compoundable, and non-bailable. In cases of the cruelty of any kind being used along with dowry demands, section 498A of the Indian Penal Code entitles registration of an illegal case for the same. It's filed against a man or relatives, a name commonly mentioned by the woman in her complaint. Cases like these demand the husbands and relatives to apply for interim protection with anticipatory bail, or else the police are authentically strict. After that, regular bail is demanded

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Best Divorce Lawyer Delhi

Awarded Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

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Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi - A.K. Shokeen Advocate

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☞ Child Custody

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☞ Spousal Support

☞ International Matters

☞ Family Law Appeals

☞ Wealth Protection

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Your all details and documents shared will remain completely confidential with us it will help us to understand the facts of the case and help us to make personalized strategies.



Our advocate will ask you a few questions to understand your case in brief. You only need to answer them honestly and correctly. It will help us make the divorce process smooth and fast.



At this point the specialist team will share personalized strategies with you it will help you for better understanding of the case


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Based on extensive research, our expert team will provide you with an action plan and take the necessary steps to file your case in the courts

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I am very thankful to Advocate Arman mera ek case high court m chal raha hai and i am fully satisfied with him and his team.

Heena Dabas
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Armaan is a highly prestigious lawyer specialising in divorce cases. He helped me with an understanding of what his job entails, learnt the ins and outs of my case, and his arguments in court were spectacular- I am so thankful of him as helped me with my successful divorce filing. I am forever indebted to you Sir and wish you all the very best for your future.

J. Dave

Arman Shokeen Advocate is a very good family lawyer in Dwarka court and having excellent knowledge in family law matrimonial law and child custody.

Ragini Yadav

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Chamber no. 759/A, Dwarka Court Complex, Dwarka, Sector – 10, New DelhiDelhi, 110075

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