Child custody is one of the most difficult factors of divorce. It has an explicit consequence on both parents, their children, and the well-being of that child.
The court can not decide on the basis of which one is more suitable for children but only considers the child’s best interests in making this decision of custody

Main power in Child custody cases lies in Guardian and Wards Act 1890. Three main types of child custody are granted by this act:

 Permanent Custody: Permanent child custody means that the minor will be under the guardianship of that parent with periodical interaction and visitation with the other parent. The motive of the courts for this child custody decision is to give a better life to the child in a safe and fulfilling atmosphere and also make sure that the child is not divested of the attachment of the other parent during his or her shaping years

 Interim Custody: It is allotted to make sure the progress of the child is maintained, while the case is pending before the court.

 Legal Custody: Legal custody of a child does not like joint custody or a single parent has the right of child custody. It means that the court gives the right to both parents can take every important decision for the child-like education, medical treatment, etc.
Normally in mutual consent divorce cases, legal custody is granted to both the parents together but in contested or 498A cases where the divorce is complicated and parents do not agree with each other, then in such cases, the court grants legal custody to any of one parent

Joint Custody:
Joint child custody actually means that the child will be cared for by both parents alternately. In some cases, the rotation of the child between the parents may last for a few days, a week, or even a month. By These arrangements, the child can get attention and care from both parents and both parties equally can be an important part of the child.

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